Dee M Brings Authentic, Genuine Sound to the Table with new EP “The Awakening of Dee M.”


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Dee M.

I’m not doing mumble rap. I’m clear and precise and you can actually hear what I’m saying.

The type of music that Dee M brings to the table is authentic. It has a genuine type of feel that an increasing number of fans along the East Coast are beginning to love. And just as his fan-base is beginning to grow, Dee M has dropped a new nine-song EP entitled “The Awakening of Dee M.”

“It’s more of an introduction of my music to the world than anything else,” Dee M said of the EP. “It’s about a little of everything, and it features a lot of different styles. It has kind of a smooth vibe to it, but it’s also kind of hard to describe. It’s just something you really have to listen to before you can fully appreciate how good it is.”

Dee said that he’s been into music from a young age, and started writing music by age 11. By his late teens he was in the studio recording songs, and to date he has released multiple mixtapes on Datpiff and through other mediums.

He said his style is “something different,” and anyone who listens to his laid back style of delivery and flow will attest to the truth of his statement. He said he creates “riding music” and “club music,” all of which features a little bit of R&B flavor through tempo and instrumentation.

“What I bring to the table is an authentic, genuine type of feel,” he said. “I’m not trying to throw any shade or anything, but I’m not like anything you hear today. You can go and listen to any project that I have, and each track is different than the others. Every track that I ever put out is different. And it’s not like any other sound. It’s more like the old-school type of vibe. I’m bringing back some of the old type of bars. And you can hear them – I’m not doing mumble rap. I’m clear and precise and you can actually hear what I’m saying. Of course, the beat is good, as well. But you can tell that I mean business when you hear my music. I’m seeking longevity and that timeless quality to my music, and I know that when people hear it they can tell that I take pride and I’m serious about my projects.”

There are four singles off the EP that Dee said fans should check out. They are “Different Day,” “This Year,” “No Stress,” and “Lead.” The last of those is one of the most introspective songs he’s ever created, he said, and gives fans a perspective of someone going through everyday struggles in ways that a lot of other people will be able to relate to.

“It’s more about giving people advice about things that are going on and not trying to glorify myself,” he said. “At the end it’s just about life and trying to put across a positive message to people.”

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