Inventor Develops Relief for Baker’s Cysts (ROH-416)


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“I thought there needed to be a better way to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with Baker’s cysts,” said an inventor, from Trumansburg, N.Y., “so I invented to help my own Baker’s cyst and have gotten up to three or more days of relief.”

The patent-pending IRON IN offers an improved way to treat a Baker’s cyst. In doing so, it could help to alleviate pain. As a result, it enhances comfort. The invention features an effective, flexible design that is convenient and easy to use so it is ideal for individuals with Baker’s cysts. Additionally, the IRON IN is producible in design variations and a prototype is available.

The inventor described the invention design. “My design offers an alternative to traditional therapies for Baker’s cysts.”

The original design was submitted to the Rochester office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers. For more information, write Dept. 16-ROH-416, InventHelp, 217 Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or call (412) 288-1300 ext. 1368. Learn more about InventHelp’s Invention Submission Services at

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