Our Moms Work Fun Social Community Cause Launches in L.A.


Find the Job You Love

We are a fun cause celebrating and helping L.A. moms land good paying jobs they love, join us to change our community for good

Our Moms Work purpose is to improve the quality of life for L.A. working moms by finding them good paying jobs; providing professional development opportunities, and meaningful career advice.

According to U.S. News and World Report, “The U.S. is the world’s most dominant economic and military power; but only rated #7 in taking care of moms…..” Who is #1? Switzerland.

Carlos Cymerman, Our Moms Work, passionate community leader and advocate adds, “What can we do to be #1? Gratefully advocate, educate, and inspire companies to hire moms; please provide equal pay, excellent benefits and flex work hours. So moms can successfully balance work, and family commitments.”

How Our Moms Work in the Community

1. Develop relationships with companies that support working moms.

2. Deliver a personal staffing service by a team of fun caring recruiters.

3. Provide career advice and professional development at meaningful parties.

Why Hire Moms

1. Companies positively impact and improve the standard of living for families and help invest in kids.

2. Moms are grateful and responsible employees; increasing retention and decreasing cost of hiring.

3. Moms excel at multi-tasking and time management; making work more productive and efficient.


Recruiting for Good since 1998, a Santa Monica based staffing agency has been connecting talented professionals to great jobs and generating proceeds to help support causes, social projects and sponsor creative events. Our mission is to empower the workforce through purposeful and meaningful hires. Founder, Carlos Cymerman is leading Our Moms Work cause in the community.

Marni Chaikin, Managing Partner/Recruiter, Our Moms Work, Purposeful Staffing Agency, Launching January 2018; became a mom 7 years ago while running her own business in Los Angeles, She went from sole owner/operator of a single fitness franchise to owning multiple locations. Marni came across thousands of moms every month who were working, attempting to make time for themselves, their spouses, their children and find a balanced life in the work force.

Susan Love Loughmiller, Chief Opportunity Officer (Creating Abundance Often); is a longtime activist in Santa Monica and surrounding Westside Los Angeles communities. She was an award-winning journalist for 20-plus years at major metropolitan newspapers around the country until the birth of her first child, Matilda, whom she parented singly while working fulltime in the nonprofit community. She is the recipient of the Communitas Award in Santa Monica for her lifelong body of volunteer work. She works in the executive offices of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and outside of work she enjoys design, reading and editing, singing, playing drums, and being a Mom. Her daughter is attending college where she is studying to become a band director.

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